Doris Cain

Doris began her professional career in 1980 as an assistant producer of television commercials in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area where her career grew over the next 17 years. By 1985 she was a full time producer of major film, video, and television shows and owner/operator of three companies; The Edit Suite, a full service video editing and 3-D graphic facility, Tele-Visions Corporation, a video production studio, location facility and service company, and Dynamite Films, a high end film production company.

Some of her more distinguished jobs included producing the Dallas Cowboys coaches and owners shows, producing the number one hit music video “Ice Ice Baby”, producing films for Disney’s Epcot theme park and countless award winning commercials, corporate videos, and documentaries for fortune 500 companies including Kodak, Motorola, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Sony, IBM, and Frito Lay.

She was producing a piece for Kodak in the mid 90’s and the film called for still photographs. After hiring and rejecting the work of several professional photographers Kodak expressed their disappointment so Doris showed them some of her pictures and that began a long time relationship with Kodak. Today when you visit Kodak Imagination pavilion at Epcot you’ll see her work proudly on display. Doris’s photographic work has since shown up in countless productions, brochures, video covers etc.

She began shooting still photographs as a hobby in the mid 80s. At first her passion was shooting 3-D and she quickly mastered the artistry of shooting in the 3-D environment but the limited viewing opportunities left her with very few options to display her work so she transition to a 35mm camera.

After recently moving back to Texas from San Francisco, Doris decided to end her producing career and focus on her passion, photography. Doris jumped in with both feet. She’s currently a member of NAPP, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and CLAG, Canyon Lake Art Guild. She is also an active member of Professional Photographers Association, Texas Professional Photographers Association and her local San Antonio Professional Photographers Guild. She’s accomplished her professional photographers certification requirements and working on earning credits on her Masters of Photography Certification. She’s great at shooting all types of photography, but she loves shooting children and families in their natural environments. She loves shooting with a photojournalistic style where she can capture the real character of her subjects. She utilizes her previous video production skills and creates “Day in the Life” slide shows.

Doris also has a passion for art photography. She has and extensive background with black and white photography and printing. Ten years ago she changed her format to digital and hasn’t looked back. She continues to study digital darkroom techniques using Photoshop to give her images a unique look. She is constantly stretching her abilities and trying new things. Her latest endeavor is infrared art photography and her pictures are already drawing great reviews.

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